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Lolo 4 years ago
I love the taste of cum so much I would eat it off of anything. Who wants to come in some food for me to eat?
snicky 5 years ago
No wonder she's so healthy!
jim 6 years ago
eating corn with cum sounds delicious,i eat a lot of my food with cum on it,sometimes its my cum and other times it another mans cum.i once baked a cake and had 5 guys cum on it and I ate the cake.
JoeB 7 years ago
She did a nice job. That cum soaked bread was disgusting but she managed to get it down
I want 7 years ago
Come eat here: Where are you I'm hungry and yours sounds good
bob 7 years ago
I have two guy I meet and I have them cum on cupcakes and I eat the cum off the cakes
dirtier 10 years ago
very hot
JasonDean 10 years ago
I love this girl. I would lick her tits clean. The cum should have been directly applied to the corn cob. Nice dinner if you can get it.
smart 11 years ago
nice girl
I wanna lick her clean
come eat here 11 years ago
We run a restraunt and anything that has a "glaze" is really mixed with my cum, and anything with milk, has had it ran thru her pussy with a funnel, then dripped out of her. Our customers are getting our juices when they order. Sometimes, I jack off freash cum and mix it on desserts.